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The great thing about an interior house-painting project in Baton Rouge is that you can do it at any time of the year. That means there are more opportunities for you to schedule your project at a time that works best for you.

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We Value Transparency and Long-Lasting Relationships

We value our customers and business partners, which is why we go above and beyond to maintain our relationships. We do so through our transparent process that promises high-quality results. We work with our customers and business partners to provide all of our services at an affordable rate. We promise to give our customers the best quality work they deserve. Call us today, and we can schedule an appointment, provide an estimate, or answer any questions you may have.

How Interior Painting in Baton Rouge Benefits You

As Louisianans know, the wear and tear of Baton Rouge’s weather can leave lasting impacts on both the interior and exterior of your home. Flooding from storms or hurricanes can bring moisture and mold to your once nicely painted walls. Even without severe storms, the humidity from the bayou slowly impacts your home’s interior.

As a painting contractor in Baton Rouge, Pro Painters Baton Rouge can offer home services to freshen up your walls with a high-quality fresh coat of paint to last you through the next season and beyond. While newly painted walls look nice, they provide your home with more than just aesthetic appeal.

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Complements Your Personality or Brand

Sometimes all a room needs to feel new again is a fresh coat of pain. And new paint could be an opportunity to show off your personality or brand at your home or business. For example, if your brand is zen, you could find a tranquil color to give off a calm vibe. Or, if your personality is bubbly, a more vibrant color, like a shade of orange or pink, could show it off.

Enhances Your Mood

According to psychologists, the color you choose for your home or office can boost your mood and performance.

Yellow, for instance, can be seen as inviting and outgoing, while shades of green and blue can be relaxing. Other colors can also spark appetite!

We Take Your Painting Project To New Heights

We are proud to say we only offer the best, high-quality painting products on the market for our customers, as well as top-notch equipment to ensure your house will look magical.


Best Paint Products in Baton Rouge

Behr and Sherwin-Williams are two of the highest quality painting brands in the United States, which is why we choose to provide both for our customers. We like to give our customers a distinct look that will leave their friends and family asking them where they got their paint.

Top Notch Equipments

Top-Notch Equipment

Besides providing you with the best paint products, our experienced painters also use top-notch painting equipment for brushing, painting, and drying during your painting project. That way, you get the best results without the hassle of buying and storing paint supplies yourself.


We Can Modernize Your Game Rooms, Dens, and More

We offer a wide range of options for our customers. We are here to do the paint job you need, from interior doors and trims to bedrooms and game rooms.

Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Dens

If you have multiple people living in your house, you may have different color requests for bathrooms, bedrooms, or dens. We can go over colors and shades with you and other residents in your home to ensure everyone will have the bathroom, bedroom, or den color they desire.

Dining Rooms and Kitchens

If you are looking to repaint your cooking and eating space, we can help you do that. We have experience in kitchens and dining rooms and can share previous designs with you if you are unsure what you want. We can also work on bringing your kitchen painting design to life.

Living Rooms and Hallways

As with dining rooms and kitchens, we can either offer you suggestions or work with you on the color or paint design you would like for your living room or hallways. While it’s easy to overlook these areas, new shades of paint can make a noticeable difference.

Garages and Garage Floors

The paint on the walls or floor of your garage may fade, chip, or crack. We can help you sand, prime, and repaint your garage.

Trust Us To Replenish Your Home’s Interior

Pro Painters Baton Rouge has a team of experts who know how to uplift any house’s interior with a professional, bold, and distinct look. Call Pro Painters Baton Rouge, LA today at (225) 209-1090.


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