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Professional Painting Services In Louisiana

Passionate and experienced painters can get the job done seamlessly and creatively. If you are looking for painters in Baton Rouge, look no further—at Pro Painters Baton Rouge, LA we are proud to bring both passion and experience to painting projects in the city of Baton Rouge and nearby regions.

Painting Baton Rouge

As a painting company in Baton Rouge, Pro Painters Baton Rouge offers interior and exterior painting services for your home, business, and commercial properties. We also help with new construction and restoration projects. Along with our painting expertise, we build trusting and lasting relationships with our customers–your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

Our talented team will go above and beyond to provide you with excellent service and high-quality results that meet both your expectations and our standards of excellence.

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When To Contact Painting Companies in Baton Rouge, LA

There are some obvious signs that your Baton Rouge home, business, or commercial property needs a new painting job. Below are some reasons why you may need a good painting company.

Damaged Exterior or Interior

Louisianans know the damage that hurricanes, storms, and hot weather can impose on their homes or businesses. If the wood on the exterior of your home or business starts splitting or rotting, it is time for a repair and paint job from Baton Rouge painters. This need goes for stucco as well.

Bubbles, Cracks, or Peels

If you start seeing any unusual crevices on your walls, like cracks, peels, and bubbles, it is time to find a painter in Baton Rouge, LA.

Mold or Marks

Louisiana weather can bring mold or marks to your walls. A Baton Rouge painter knows how to address both while renewing your walls. Painters can also add sealants to your walls, which could serve as a protective layer against new moisture or mold.

Color Tainting

The once popping red or blue paint you have on your walls may start looking less and less bold. That is normal with age and the wear and tear of the Louisiana seasons. A painter in Baton Rouge, LA, will be able to give your paint new bold or accentuated colors or light and simple colors, whichever you prefer.

Change of Heart

We all have a change of heart at some point in our lives. If you have second thoughts about your previous choice of color for your interior or exterior walls, it may be time to find a painter in Baton Rouge.

New Purchase, Old Building

You may have just purchased an old Baton Rouge home or business and want to modernize the appearance. A good paint job can take years off your new property while also increasing the property value. Whether you want it to look modern or vintage, our painters will work with you.

Keeping Up With the Neighborhood

If you own a home or a business in an aging neighborhood, and you start to notice your neighbors are updating their homes or businesses with new paint, you may want to join them. Otherwise, your home or business may be the oldest looking building on your street. If you are trying to sell it, your potential buyers will notice the other buildings look more updated than yours, too.

Picking the Right Painting Contractor

Before choosing a painting contractor, you will want to do some research. Start with customer reviews online and ask friends or neighbors about the contractor. Ask the contractor for a detailed estimate, how long they have been working, and if they are licensed and bonded. Also, ask about any warranties they offer and specific products they use.

Correct Word Of Mouth And Online Reviews

You can discover firsthand details by asking your friends and neighbors if they have heard of the contractor. If they have not, they can ask their friends and find out. In the meantime, you can do an online search for reviews by looking at the Better Business Bureau, Google Reviews, and Yelp.

Correct Detailed Estimate

Ask for a detailed estimate from the contractor, including the project’s cost and time to complete. If you are a business owner, this will help you plan around your work schedule and budget; if you are a homeowner, this will help you plan around your family schedule, work schedule, and budget.

Correct Warranties Or Guarantees

Warranties and guarantees promise you that if a job is not completed up to your standards, the contracting company will fix it.
A warranty can also cover cracks or bubbles that show up on your new paint before the warranty ends.

Correct Licensed, Bonded, And Insured Contractor

If a painter says they are licensed, it means they went through the process of passing state, city, and municipal requirements for painting jobs. Someone who is licensed will know the correct use of materials, the right tools and equipment, proper preparation, and how to conduct a job safely.

If a contractor tells you they are bonded, that means they will cover any losses if the painters do not finish the job as described in the project scope, ultimately protecting your investment. A contractor should be able to tell you if it provides insurance to its employees. Liability insurance will ensure you don’t bear any responsibility if the contractor damages your property. Also, if you file a claim, the contractor or the insurance company will pay you. You will also want the contractor to offer employees workers compensation, as that will ensure you will not have to pay any medical bills if a painter gets hurt while working on your project.


Benefits of Painting Your Property

Whether you are painting your home, business, or commercial property, there are some benefits of hiring professional painters to revamp your colors.

Welcomes Visitors
When someone comes to your home or business, the first thing they will notice will be your exterior paint and property layout, followed by your home entrance or business lobby. If you want to make a lasting impression, new colors provided by professional painters can guarantee your visitors will feel welcome and comfortable.

Increases Property Value
Even a simple interior paint job can increase your property value by $2,000, according to HomeGain, a leading real estate site that helps buyers and sellers increase home values. Through a survey, HomeGain also found that painting your home’s exterior can increase its value by more than $2,100.

Improves Mood and Performance
When choosing colors for your home or business, you should consider how that color will affect the mood of your family members, visitors, or employees. A recently published book called “Color: Messages and Meanings – A Pantone Color Resource” describes yellow as inviting and outgoing and cool shades of green and blue as relaxing. An English book called “The Beginner’s Guide to Colour Psychology” also notes that blue can lower blood pressure and increase productivity.

Matches Your Personality
We all have different personalities, and some of us may want to show them off. Adding a new coat of paint to your home or business can complement your personality or brand.

Adds Extra Protection
Professional painters will clean off any mold or moisture on your existing walls and add a new coat of paint. Doing so will ensure your walls are sealed and resistant to dust, allergens, and other pollutants.

Residential Painters in Baton Rouge Who Deliver Quality Services

At Pro Painters Baton Rouge, we offer a range of services, from interior and exterior painting home services to interior and exterior commercial painting projects. Whatever the paint job, we are here to work with you. Here is an overview of what we offer as a painting contractor in Baton Rouge.

  • Staining and Sealing
  • Covering Old Paint
  • Removing Wallpaper
  • Painting New or Old Cabinets
  • Restaining Surfaces
  • Adding Weatherproofing
  • Painting, Covering-Up,
    or Limewashing Unpainted Brick
  • Installing, Repairing,
    or Refinishing Drywall

We treat every project with the attention to detail it deserves and care for the inside of your home as if it were our own. Get in touch with Pro Painters Baton Rouge today to go over all of our services—we are here to help!

Exterior Residential Painting

Are you looking to retouch the outside of your Baton Rouge home? We can do that, too. Here are some of our exterior service options:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Staining and Sealing
  • Siding Repairs
  • Window Reglazing
  • Waterproofing
  • Covering Old Paint
  • Deck Staining and Repainting
  • Painting, Covering-Up, or Limewashing Unpainted Brick
  • Stucco Repair and Waterproofing

Whether you have questions about our services in general, or you want to ask some specifics related to your home, we are ready and available. Contact us anytime for assistance.

Commercial Painting

For those who own their own business, our experienced painters can also accommodate your commercial painting needs. Below is just a sample of what we can do:

  • Exterior Painting
  • Cabinet Painting & Staining
  • Interior Painting
  • Drywall Repair
  • Wallpaper Removal
  • Countertop Refinishing

Like our residential painting services, our commercial painting services come with licensed, bonded, and insured contractors. Call us today to share what your business’s painting needs are, and we will help make them happen.

New Construction and Restoration Services

If you are building a new home or a business in Baton Rouge or nearby, we can work with you, providing the above services to accommodate your needs. If you have any specific concerns or questions, you can stop by or call us—we are happy to walk you through our process.

Our Usual Processes

There are some differences between the processes for our interior and exterior residential and commercial painting jobs. Here is what you can expect for each.

Interior Home and Commercial Painting Process

Our 7-step process is efficient and reliable. Here is what you can expect for your interior home or commercial painting project in Baton Rouge.

Step 1: Review and Plan – Before we do any painting, one of our experienced team members will meet with you to inspect your home or business. They will go over the project scope while walking with you through the property. During this time, you will want to ensure proper color choice and placement.

Step 2: Drywall Prep – If you have drywall, we will need to prep it by sanding, dusting, and repairing anchor holes. We will also clean it before we paint it.

Step 3: Furniture Coverings, Tape, and Removal of Outlet or Light Covers – We care about your home and business, which is why we will cover furniture, flooring, lights, cameras, and any other items that cannot be moved. We will then apply painter’s tape to both protect surfaces and guarantee all painting lines will be straight. Lastly, we will cover or take off any outlet and light covers.

Step 4: Sanding and Sealing – If we are planning to paint trim, we will need to sand and seal before we paint. If any caulk (sealant) needs repair, we will replace it to ensure there will be no cracks in the new paint.

Step 5: Priming and Painting – Once all other steps are complete, our expert painters will prime any repairs and stains. Then, they will begin the painting process.

Step 6: Cleanup – Once we finish painting, we can start the cleanup process. In fact, our team at Pro Painters Baton Rouge will clean up as they paint and after the job is done. Our promise to have your home or business as clean as it was when we started.

Step 7: Walk-Through – When all the steps are completed, we will walk with you through your home or business to guarantee you are 100% happy with our work. If not, we will make any changes necessary.

Exterior Home and Commercial Painting Process

Our exterior painting projects take the same number of steps as the interior projects to complete. Like with our interior painting projects, we make our work fast and efficient. Here is what you can expect for your exterior home or commercial painting project in Baton Rouge.

Step 1: Review And Plan – In this first step, you will meet with one of our experienced team members at your property so they can inspect your home or business’s exterior. They go through all the project details with you, and if anything comes up, they solve it at this time.

Step 2: Pressure Washing and Assessment Of Damages – We will have an experienced team member pressure wash the exterior of your home or business, ridding it of mold, dirt, and pollen that may have accumulated. All of our team members are trained to protect your landscaping while doing so. Once the pressure wash is done, we will assess the building to see if there is any hidden damage or repairs needed before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Furniture and Landscape Coverings – Just like we care about the interior of your home or business, we also care about your outdoor landscaping, furniture, flooring, lights, cameras, and any other items that cannot be moved. We will use this step to cover each item that any paint from the project could impact.
Step 4: Sanding And Sealing – Before we can start painting, we need to sand, prime, and seal all exterior surfaces. If any caulk (sealant) is cracked or split, we will replace it. We want to ensure there will be no cracks in the new paint.

Step 5: Painting – Once our expert painters finish priming, they will begin painting. For exterior projects, we use a wide range of tools to help us place the paint perfectly, regardless of which surface it is going on.

Step 6: Cleanup – The Pro Painters Baton Rouge team will clean up while painting and after they’ve completed the job. We want your home or business to be even cleaner than it was before we walked onto the property.

Step 7: Walk-Through – The final step is a walk-through with you around your home or business’s exterior to ensure 100% satisfaction. If there is anything you are not happy with, we will work to find a solution.



They did an AMAZING job on my exterior paint! I was always informed, provided progress updates and managed (and exceeded) all expectations while on the job! I cannot recommend him enough for their professionalism, efficiency and great work ethic!

– Danny

I highly recommend using Pro Painters Baton Rouge The pricing was very fair and the work was so great that we added rooms to our existing project. Our 1950s home seems brand new!! Great communication, friendly staff, and amazing results!!

– Morris

Pro Painters Baton Rouge does a fantastic job! I met them several years ago when they painted our first home. Their recommendations are very helpful and his crew does an amazing job. Their  team were very professional and went above and beyond.

– Mark

Frequently Asked Questions

Do home painting jobs take a long time?

Due to the differences between homes and paint jobs (number of coats, textures, etc. ), our company recommends that you call us out for an estimate of how long and how much it will cost.

Before the painting crew arrives, what should I do?

Our comprehensive services allow us to move, cover, and lift furniture and any heavy equipment as we go about our work. It would be helpful if you moved more fragile and smaller items before we arrived so that they would not get damaged.

Is it possible to pressure wash exterior home paint?

Rather than trying to do it yourself, we highly recommend that you hire a professional. Whenever it is performed incorrectly, it can strip your home’s paint, creating additional expense and work. If you need professional painting services, call Pro Painters Baton Rouge.

Paul Painters Baton Rouge

As a licensed, bonded, and insured painting company, Pro Painters Baton Rouge will complete your project without adding any stress or responsibility on you. Our team of experts can talk to you via phone or in-person about what your project scope will look like, concerns you might have, financial plans, and more. We dedicate ourselves to serving you.
Whether you need an estimate or have a question, one of our outstanding customer service representatives is here to help. Call Pro Painters Baton Rouge, LA today at (225) 209 1090.


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